Dell 300GB 15K RPM 2.5″ 12Gbps SAS hot-plug Hard Drive


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Type: Server Hard Disk Drive
Capacity: 300GB
Spindle Speed:  15000 rpm
Interface: SAS 12Gb/s
Form Factor: 2.5″
Data Transfer Rate: 12GBps
Server Compatibility: PowerEdge R330,R430,R530,R630,R730,30xd,R930R310, R320,R420,R510,R520,R610,R620,R710,R715,R720,R810, R815,R820,R910
PowerEdge T310,T320,T330,T420,T410,T430,T530,T630,T610,T620,T710


Available on backorder

Dell 300GB 15K RPM 2.5″ 12Gbps SAS hot-plug Hard Drive

Increase the storage capacity of your system with the 300GB Hard Drive from Dell. Offering a rotational speed of 15K RPM, this drive provides fast disk access. Featuring SAS interface, this hard drive delivers enhanced data transfer speeds.

  • Offers – 300GB capacity to store large amount of data
  • SAS interface delivers high data transfer speeds
  • 15K RPM spindle speed ensures excellent performance


This product is compatible with the following systems:

  • Poweredge R330
  • Poweredge R430
  • Poweredge R530
  • Poweredge R630
  • Poweredge R730
  • Poweredge R730xd
  • Poweredge R930
  • Poweredge T330
  • Poweredge T430
  • Poweredge T530
  • Poweredge T630
  • Poweredge M600
  • Poweredge M605
  • Poweredge M610
  • Poweredge M610x
  • Poweredge R310
  • Poweredge R320
  • Poweredge R415
  • Poweredge R420
  • Poweredge R510
  • Poweredge R515
  • Poweredge R520
  • Poweredge R610
  • Poweredge R620
  • Poweredge R710
  • Powervault R715
  • Powervault R720
  • Powervault R810
  • Powervault R815
  • Powervault R820
  • Powervault R910
  • Powervault T30
  • Powervault T320
  • Powervault  T410
  • Powervault T415
  • Powervault T420
  • Powervault T610
  • Powervault T620
  • Powervault T710




Why should I buy a Dell EMC Upgrades over a third-party part?


Tested and Verified Tier-1 OEM-Grade Parts
Ensure compatibility with Dell EMC servers, storage and networking.

Ease of Installation
Save time with Dell EMC Upgrades that are shipped as kits with the necessary hardware and firmware.

Secure Supply Chain Focus
Protect system data and integrity with parts sourced from a secure supply chain.


Why choose Dell EMC drive?

Dell EMC drives are robust, built by premium manufacturing processes and rigorously tested for maximum reliability.
We specify and control the manufacture of our drives’ firmware and hardware subcomponents to ensure compatibility and add additional capability to reduce the costs of maintenance.
Dell EMC’s drive reliability frequently is higher than the reliability of other drive suppliers.

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Drive Type

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Drive Capacity


Drive Spindle Speed

15000 rpm

Drive Interface

SAS 12Gb/s

Data Transfer Rate


Drive Form Factor



Within 1-3 days


1 Year