DELL PERC H730P Adapter 12GB/S 2GB Cache PCI-E 3.0 Controller

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PowerEdge RAID Controller H730P
Dell’s high-performance, next-generation PowerEdge™ RAID Controller H730 brings a
doubling of IOPs performance along with 12Gbps SAS support and enhanced options for
managing and configuring storage.


PERC H730P technical specification
Solution provided 8-port internal SATA+SAS solution supporting 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s SATA. 3Gb/s, 6Gb/s
and 12Gb/s SAS hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs)
Physical dimensions 167.6 mm (6.6 in) x 64.4 mm (2.5 in)
Connectors 2 internal HD mini-SAS SFF8643
Device support Up to 255 (SAS, SATA)
Host bus type 8-lane, PCI Express 3.0 compliant
Data transfer rates Up to 12Gb/s per port
SAS controller LSI SAS3108 1.2Ghz PowerPC 476 Dual Core 12Gb/s ROC
Cache memory 2GB 1866MT/s DDR3 SDRAM

Key RAID & data protection features
• RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6
• RAID spans 10, 50, 60
• Online Capacity Expansion (OCE)
• Online RAID Level Migration (RLM)
• Auto resume after power loss during array
rebuild or reconstruction/RLM
• Check Consistency for background data
• Physical disk power management (DimmerSwitch™)
• 4K native sector support
• Workload profiles
• Support for TRIM/UNMAP Commands for SAS/
• T10-DIF Support
• NVRAM “Wipe” feature — protects proprietary
data when card is decommissioned
• End Device Frame Buffering (EDFB) — bandwidth
optimizer technology support for compatible
expander-based enclosures
• SED drive support
• Load balancing
• Fast initialization for quick array
• Configurable stripe size up to 1MB
• SSD support
• Patrol read for media scanning and
• Up to 64 logical drive and 64TB LUN
• DDF compliant Configuration on
Disk (COD)
• S.M.A.R.T. support
• Global and dedicated hot spare
with revertible hot-spare support:
automatic rebuild, enclosure affinity,
emergency SATA